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Launching in 2017, MyMentor is the world’s first ever digital mentoring service, providing millions of people with advice, guidance and inspiration on how to get ahead, both personally and professionally. Available via a free website and app, MyMentor will be available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.


Fundraising News

Round Two successfully closed on time and was oversubscribed. Round Three opened on 1st April 2017. We are grateful to our investors and welcome them to the MyMentor family.

For details about investing in MyMentor, please contact David CM Carter dcmc@mymentor.net or +44 7775 667 911

British Airways

We are proud to announce MyMentor’s partnership with British Airways Inflight. 16 million passengers on long-haul flights will see our Secrets of Success series – Volume I from June 2016.

Join The Revolution

We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to grow, develop and thrive.

Who and what you know makes all the difference when it comes to achieving success. But, finding great mentors and quality advice is expensive and time consuming.

Combining our powerful technology with the minds of the very best experts in personal and professional development, MyMentor removes these barriers, giving everyone easy and free access to the tools they need to succeed.

From Leaders

MyMentor has commissioned a video series for its members, unearthing the secrets behind the success of some of the world’s most inspiring leaders.

The series features guests who share their views on what it takes and how it feels to reach the top: the challengers and disruptors who have pioneered revolutionary thinking and those with remarkable personal or professional journeys. Watch all four seasons of Secrets of Success here.


Executive Team

MyMentor is developed and executed by a highly qualified team combining proven mentoring and development prowess with multichannel content, distribution and audience acquisition/retention expertise.

We’d love to hear from you.

David CM Carter

David CM Carter

Founder, Executive Chairman

+44 7775 667 911

About David

Tim Ainsworth

Chief Operating Officer

+44 7900 200 121

About Tim

Natalie Blake

Chief Finance Officer

+44 7788 279 097

About Natalie

Amy Hackett-Jones

PR & Guest Relations

+44 7761 129 553

About Amy

Jake Shepherd

Design & Visualization


About Jake

Steve Ampleford

Head of MO's & Enterprise


About Steve

Michael Barton

Company Secretary


About Michael

Chris Dobson

Aquila Insight


About Chris

Linda Notelovitz

Life Design


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Phil Ogden


About Phil

James Whitbread

UI Centric


About James

Kimberley Waldron

Sky Parlour


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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides strategic guidance on key trends, as well as technical and tactical insight.

Edward Fitzpatrick

Start-Up Tzar

About Edward

Jackie Stevenson

Brand Advisor

About Jackie

Jenni Smith

Culture & Engagement

About Jenni

Brede Hangeland

Brand Ambassador

About Brede

Martin McCourt

Growth Strategy Advisor

About Martin

Michael Rendell

HR Strategy

About Michael

Justin Lunny

Payment Solutions

About Justin

John Moore

Business Growth Advisor

About John

Carolin Diehl

Media Advisor

About Caroline

Matthew Freud

Matthew Freud

PR & Guest Advisor

About Matthew

Jeannette Lichner

Jeannette Lichner

Governance & Strategy

About Jeannette

Mary Curnock-Cook

Mary Curnock-Cook

Higher Education Expert

About Mary


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For further information about MyMentor, or for investment opportunities, please contact:

David CM Carter
+44 7775 667 911